After my first wedding in June of 2010, the craziness began. It started slowly at first, with me running into people around town and they would tell me they were so glad to hear that we were doing weddings, which we were not. Then I started getting contacted on Facebook, from there, it turned into phone calls wanting to schedule visits. It was crazy because we were not doing weddings!!

Finally, I got so tired of telling everyone why me and the wedding thing would be a terrible idea, and I decided to show them. So In December of 2009, we settled on the simplest name, The Farm, and copied a logo off of an invitation I saw, had some cheap signs put up, got cheap cards, and signed up to do the Rome Bridal Show in January of 2011. I vowed that the only way I would do this wedding thing was if it was my way. Meaning I would take no BS from anyone, no bridezillas, momzillas, no assholes, and I would not pretend to be someone else just to book weddings. If I was going to do it, I was going to continue to be me, and not some stuck up ass-kissing, say whatever you want me to say wedding chick! I wanted to treat our clients like family and friends so that we could all enjoy the experience. I’m a very laid back person, and I like being that way. I did not want to spend my weekends stressed out! So the best way for that to happen, was for me to keep on being me, and if you liked it great, and if you didn’t thanks for coming, best of luck to you!

Mister and I agreed on that, and I started. I created a Facebook page, and went to the Bridal show. The show was terrible, and I did not get 1 lead or call from it. The Facebook page started taking off! Phone calls started coming in, and I started scheduling tours.

What we offered was basic, just the venue, which at that time was just the barn. No tables, chairs, linens, vendors, or help. Our brides had to get it all together themselves, or hire a planner to do it for them. I was of no help at all! I mean I had been married twice, and didn’t do any planning on the first one at all. I took the 1st dress that fit, and let the groom make every decision, (he had been married 3 times, so I figured he was more qualified than myself????), I didn’t even register for gifts, and the 2nd time to the Mister, we were going to elope, until his family found out, and his mom then planned a small wedding for us. So, needless to say, I didn’t know a thing about planning weddings and had no desire to do so.

The tours began, and people started booking their weddings at The Farm, and I was wrong about it and me not working.