• Lee and Dixie Bagley purchase Zion Farms in 2009:

    At the time we were not really sure what possessed us to take on such a huge responsibility, other than the fact that it was such a beautiful, and peaceful place. We knew that it would be a wonderful place for our children to grow up and a great place to quality time with our family and friends.


    When we took over the farm we realized we had a lot of work to do. So we spent a year doing some much needed repairs and renovations, and cleaning the land up. Lee owns a construction company as well as a tree company, both which came in very handy.

    In July Of 2010 we had our first wedding in the stables as a favorᅠ for some friends, and from that point on the word was out that Zion Farms was back in business, and the calls started coming.


    At first we were sure we were not ready to open the farm to public. It was nice having it all to our selves, not to mention we were so busy with our existing business that the thought of having one moreᅠ was a bit daunting. Lee owns and operatesᅠ Prestige Builders, a successful Construction company that specializes in every thingᅠ from commercial construction, to custom homes and renovations, as well as Maloneys Tree Service, that specializes in tree removal and storm clean up.


    Dixie Bagley is a Certified Personal Trainer in Rome, in addition to helping lee run his companies, and being a mom to their 3 children. So needless to say life is busy. After giving it some thought we decided to open the farm to the public. Keeping it family owned and operated meant we could keep our prices reasonable, and ensured that we could still enjoy it as well. We chose to rename it THE FARM and give it a shot. Our first wedding was in January of 2011 and our first horse moved in as well.


    Lee and Dixie are looking forward to all the new adventures that life with the farm will bring to their family and sharing it with the public.

  • History:

    Legend has it that Texas Valley originally was settled by an ancient wagon train bound for Texas. When sickness moved in this valley became their home. From these settlers came the Cooper family. Herman D. Cooper opened a real estate company where he and his son John Cooper worked together buying and selling farm land.


    When Herman passed awayᅠ John continued on running his fathers company. When John was 29 he married the lovely Rena Berry Hammon, cousin of Martha Berry, of Berry College. They then chose to begin their life together in Texas Valley on old Cooper soil.


    The blizzard of 1993 transformed the private estate grounds into a war zone . The pines that John and his father had planted together from 1943-53 had fallen and shattered into piles.Those pine logs were cut into boards and the construction of a dream barn began.


    The 20,000 square foot boarding stable with a 20,000 square foot hay loft took 4 years to complete, with the Hay loft eventually becoming a ballroom for events. Every nail was hand driven, and every piece and detail was carefully considered. The Coopers opened the gates to Zion Farms Equestrienne Center in 1996 and operated until 2008.

  • About The Farm:

    The Farm isᅠ a family owned and operated estate that rest in a picturesque mountain valley north of Rome Georgia where all visitors are welcomed.


    The Farm rests on 280 acres, and includes lush green pastures, winding mountain trails, private paddocks natural springs, ponds, secluded picnic areas, and more.


    The heart of The Farm is the 40,000 square foot rustic European style barn, built of pine, and adorned with graceful brick arches that anchors the scene.

  • Consultations:

    THE FARM offers many indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies and receptions. The rustic European equestrian estate makes a beautiful setting for any occasion. We encourage you to explore the limitless possibilities that will make your wedding or party an unforgettable moment.


    Consultations include a meeting at the farm with Dixie Bagley, a tour of the estate and wedding prices. All consultations must be scheduled, so call today to ensure you get the date you want. 706-252-0497


    Additional add on services to accompany your wedding date are rehearsal dinners, bridal luncheons, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and showers.


    THE FARM is theᅠ perfect location for hosting all of your events. The Farm Three Timbers Room and adjoining ball rooms are located in the loft of the barn and features a prep kitchen, restrooms, a wet bar, heating and air and can accommodate up to 250 people.

    Other locations through out the property are available as well are the stables, There's a gazebo in the woods for an intimate event, the mountain cabin, the cottage field, the general store and of course the remaining outside areas.